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Home staging is the act of preparing your home for photographing by making it more clear and tidy and by using some decorations. You don't have to do great things: you only have to follow some simple steps to make your property more attractive. 

You can easily create annotation tags with additional information on the property.

Within the property tour it is possible to make annotations, with the help of which you can add extra content to the things you can see. Annotations are especially useful, if you want to tell more about your property.

You can easily create and remove confidential links to virtual property tours, and you can also set an expiration time of three days.

All restrictions of the tour can be unlocked with these special links, which can be also shared either with 3 days expiration time, or you can remove them whenever we want. The links can be shared with real estate agents and prospective buyers.

 The navigation of Ingatlanséta is intuitive - so it makes smooth navigation possible -, which follows a reversed view: "Use it first, read it afterwards!" No one likes to read long instruction manuals. You don't have to do it here either. Navigation is easy and handy. If we still need help, then watching a tutorial video can be useful.

The tour is handed over publicly, without any restrictions. In most cases it stays so, so it can provide the possibly most extensive information. However, if you would like to regulate the views, you can do it as well. 

Tours appear with arrows which follow the cursor of the mouse. When there is no mouse (tablet, mobile phone, in VR mode), then fixed arrows are used.

Advertise with Ingatlanséta on Hungary's most popular advertising site, Jófogás. The tours appear next to the advertisements. The process is easy. Just upload the photos you got with the tour, enter the text of the advertisement, then, in the Ingatlanséta field, enter the tour link.

  On Ingatlanbazár, you can use property tours both in xml and in individually uploaded advertisements. The property tour links get next to the advertisements automatically, with a button. 

Show properties online. Quality advertisements with photos, videos, floor plans, 3D virtual property tours.


Otthontérkép has been present on the national property searcher market since autumn 2013, and since then it has become the number one property searcher portal which includes a map. There are 800.000 visitors per month, who visit 5.000.000. sites altohether. 56% of the visitors are potential buyers with high income.

It is not the type or condition of the property which defines whether it is worth to get a tour, but the intention of selling the property. Used cars are advertised with photos, too, it does not matter what value they represent. 

Házbank is a popular advertisement transferer, which transfers the property tour links in the advertisement's description to the receiver advertising portals. Házbank's services are used by real estate agencies which want to save time and money, which they can put back into selling. 

MIOSZ (Magyar Ingatlanközvetítők Országos Szövetsége - "National Assocation of Hungarian Real Estate Agents") is the modern bastion of independent real estate agents. As an independent professional corporation, we held together and support sole tranders and economic corporations which work in the small business sphere. 

It is a property and client registry software and a SEO real estate agent website for agents and agencies. The key to successful real estate agency: more sellings, satisfied clients. Try it for 30 days for free. 

Ingatlanforrás has been serving real estate agents for more than 20 years. It serves entire networks with a wide variety of solutions. It provides a number of   services from floor plan making to secure cross-selling. 

The tours can be archived and saved so they can be used without internet access, too.

It is possible to archive our tour and save it to a data carrier, which does not require internet access. People mostly ask for this solution when they woud like to keep their tour for themselves for the future, or when stable internet connection is not guaranteed. 

It is possible to order different rooms and places into groups. These groups appear as a menu below, on separate tabs above the gallery. 

By being active on social media, one can draw the attention not only to the property, but to the person or company behind it. If a community page is active, a professional gets requests more quickly. 

The position of a property is a very important aspect in case of property buying. To see in which month at what time of the day and how bright the sun shines, click on the little sun icon.

The tours can be effectively synchronized with your own advertising pages, with listing or provider sub-sale websites. The tour provides xml and api code support from downloading and uploading to complete automatization.