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Today, browsing property advertisements we can see that photos still dominate. So, we should start advertising by uploading some good photos. If we manage to catch the searcher’s attention in the list view, then it’s only one step away for him to want to know more about the property. This is the time for the property tour!





Find out more about taking original photos here.


Photos catch the buyer's attenton, while tours help the selling.

Good pictures make good impression. The fact that someone can take photos doesn’t mean that he can take good photos from a marketing perspective. It is always much more difficult to take photos of properties than of people or objects. With standard objective lenses we can take photos of big or small spaces only from a big distance, not to mention taking photos with mobile phones. For the photo shooting of a property, special wide-angle lenses are needed to provide a complete picture of the entire room, not only its furniture. And it is only the tip of the iceberg. There are a number of things made with the same technology as our virtual tours, which I do not mention here.


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Full photo gallery is part of the Ingatlanséta pack.


  High quaility is guaranteed by technology


Most people already know that increasing the number of pixels does not make photos beautiful. However, it is not sure that everyone knows what it really means. Pixel counts define the resolution of the image, so there is no use of taking large scale photos, if we can post it on the internet only in a postcard size. Consequently, we have to put the emphasis on other factors, the content of the photo and the way we take it.


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Thanks to HDR images, which we also use for property tours, there are no dark parts or overexposed windows. With optimal light conditions and high dynamic range, the photos reproduce the natural image which our eyesight got used to.



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Naturally a photo like this appeals to people much more, because it is closer to reality. The use of HDR can be carried too far as well; in this case, the photos become surreal. We have to stop at the point we cannot decide whether it is reality or dream. That’s the way a good photo is born!







Although the photos can be amazing, they are not provide us a complete picture in which we can learn our way around. Advertising portals in most cases does not make this less difficult either, since many times they restrict the number of pictures that can be uploaded to 10. What is the use of 10 photos and a floor plan for visual type of people? Here comes the demand for something new which enables to feel the space around is, see the property as a whole and to find our way in it, whether we’ve been there before or not. For this, the real perfect solution is the virtual tour, and its specialized type created for properties for sale and for rent, the property tour. You can read more about property tours here.    


If you would like a professional photos, too, you can order them separately, but with a property tour, it is part of pack B.

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