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 Besides the speed of making contacts, the efficiency of communication is one of the most crucial aspects to support in a sales process. Ingatlanséta possesses well-developed tools for this.


 Give your contact details

It is almost obvious that a name, a phone number and an email address should be given. It is recommended to set he information on the advertising sites in the tour as well, since we can never know where the buyer prosperct can come from. At many times the tour "lives" an independent life, and it is almost impossible to follow where it gets. People like to share tours on Facebook or send them to others via email. If the datasheet is no tfilled in, we can loose potential buyers who's got the link of the tour from somebody else. 


Instant responses

It is recommended to switch instant messaging on in the datasheet. It is a well-developed chat module, which can be also downloaded to your phone. When your phone is online, the visitor can see that you are present and ready to answer messages. In the hope of instant answers, most people will be more likely to use this feature rather than email, if it is switched on. 


Live video and screen sharing 

We can make online calls after activating this function, which is free of charge apart from the fees of internet use. It has a great use. We can make the calls from a cellphone, a computer, a laptop or a tablet. We can initiate or answer the calls with or without picture. This can be a live video broadcasted on our camera, but it is much more useful to share the desktop of our computer with our client. Distants can be infinite, still, in this case it feels like two or more people are sitting next to each other, looking at the same computer. It is a great opportunity for the seller to give a guided property tour presentation to the viewers.