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The position of a property is a very important aspect in case of property buying. To see in which month at what time of the day and how bright the sun shines, click on the little sun icon.



Sun display


Sometimes it is hard to imagine the lights coming inside the property. Click on the white sun on the left hand side of the screen, under the floorplan, so a yellow sun (or, in the evening, a moon) appears. You can change the position of the sun can be varied by setting the months and days with the help of the slide. If you set the time, you can observe which side and what height will the sun shine from. Observe the size of the windows and the room. You can imagine how sunny the location will be, when it will get the most light. 

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 You can  change the őosition of the sun with the slide, witch shows the months and days.

The sun positions can be observed in floorplan view, too, if we open a floorplan and click on the white sun below it. In this view, the length of the shadows and the brightness of the sun can be seen even better. For example, at a winter's time of the day the shadows - which are cast by the pillar in the centre - are longer. In this case, the sun is smaller, which indicates that its light is also less powerful.  On the picture below the border of sunrise and sunset can be seen, too. 

blog kepek 0011s 0002 rteg 17

Floorplan view with the use of sun display function.


The sun display can be switched of in the miscellaneous part of the settings in the menu. When being switched off, the little sun dissapears, and the function becomes unavailable.

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Let's see how it works!


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