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During the making of your property tour, we can blur certain details and you can also place watermarks in it. 





When it comes to property selling, personal objects cannot appear in the advertisement. When we create the tour, we blur all the personal objects, especially portraits, family photos and fridge magnets. 

Among personal objects, fidge magnets are typically blurred in the virtual property tour, since they often portray family photos.

 Fridge magnets cannot be seen anymore either on this photo or in the tour.


The blurring of these details is automatic, so you don't even have to ask for it. However, it is worth to mention those objects, which cannot be spotted at first sight, but you don't want them to be seen. You can mention these the photographers or our colleagues later on.



You can add watermarks by adding a text and making it active after signing in. Watermarks protect the tour from unwanted screen capturing. If you want to take pictures of your tour, you can use the "Custom pictures" feature, which also can be accessed after signing in.