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The property is unfinished, but you still want to sell it? Ingatlanséta has the solution. If there's nothing to photograph, there's no problem! Based on a simple floor plan, we create a 3D model for your property. We build up the rooms, we furnish them, and then we create a tour.

What is a visual design tour? 


Clicking on the picture we can have access to a design plan tour of a residential building that is under construction, which presents one flat type. The buyer asked for a bright, modern, and cosy appaerance. 




Other examples:

pictures + tours

Residential Park - 16 flats

We had to make eight types of apartments. We got a free hand in the dressing. His request to the investor was for the apartments to appear in different possible color combinations.

104 photos Photo - 6

101 402 103 104
201 203 302 401


103 picture Photo - 2


 Additonal flat types

A residential's building was built up of 60 flats altogether, containing 8 flat types. The type-flats were chosen and furnished in the same style. An advantage of this is that they could advertise sixty flats in the way that they could present the tours belonging to each flats. Instead of the - at many times misleading - illustrations, viewers were provided with an actually helpful solution which supported their decision-making. 


104 b 106 b 114 b 216 b
104 106 114 216
223 b 228 b 331 b 443 b
223 228 331 443



What do we need for the realization ?

We need nothings else, but a a two-dimensional floor plan with sizes, and a interior style you choose. If you need not only interior, but exterior modelling as well, we will also need a section plan and elevations.  A final construction drawing or a plan approval is enough for us to be able to carry out the modelling. 


A standard  floor plan with the right sizes is enough for modelling. 


Choose from interior design styles!

We cannot know which style will catch the potential buyer's attention. A modern, bright, clear, and still cosy style can always be a good choice. To those who want to play a sure game, we recommend to choose more styles which are different from each other. The viewer can change between the styles.  


min extravagans otthonos
 minimalist  extravagant  cosy
loft-cybele-980x520 fiatalos 29714 phonix home 1933
 loft  youthful  colourful


Choose a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom photo from the internet, which determine the favoured style.



What do you get?

 After the modeling you get a 3D floor plan, a 360 virtual property tour a 360 video, and traditional, 2 dimensional images. Practically, everything happens the same way as in case of a finished, furnished property, with the exception that we can see an imagined reality. Furthermore, we get a QR code as well, with which the tour is viewable on cellphones. You can view your tour in VR mode as well, if you have the  necessary equipment. 




Modelling in the form of a tour is predominantly used for porperty sales by investors and agencies, who want to sell the property from the drawing board. Furthermore, it is useful for investors in relation to the banks. The necessary amount of investment credit is based on the success of sales. In case of risk assessment, a modern selling tour can reinforce positive credit assessment. Construction companies tend to offer the tour to investors in a package to extend their services, so the investors can make us of all possibilities mentioned above. The success of investments or sellings can be enhanced and brought forward. 



The completed design plan tour has all of the functions of the property tour which can make your advertisements successful. The tour is handed over with its miscellaneous items in one weeks after the purchase order, and after you transfer the 50 % advance payment. 


Visual design tour for the property to be renovated 

If you want to sell a property for a specific purpose, like in case of the example below in which a civil flat is advertised as a hostel, then modelling can be a great opportunity to present the idea. You can find some examples for sch transformations below: 



r1924207tarsalgo 342048.049.11100.00



"In fact, walking above and below is a walk. From the above and below view, you can also switch within the walk within the walk, with the menu in the header"


r1924207tarsalgo 132048.049.11100.00



Visual design for ready-made real estate


These sightseeing walks were combined with a construction-ready close-up phase. You can switch between the current status and the planned menu with the top menu. In this solution, the customer can make sure of the correct execution, which is a factor in the purchase decision.

r1924227 nappali 9 4.42 8.38 100.00


"In fact, walking above and below is a walk. From the above and below view, you can also switch within the walk within the walk, with the menu in the header"

 r1924227 nappali 16 0.11 7.36 100.00


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