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Within the property tour it is possible to make annotations, with the help of which you can add extra content to the things you can see. Annotations are especially useful, if you want to tell more about your property.


If you want to provide more information - pictures, texts, or videos - apart from what is already visible, you can use Ingatlanséta's annotations function. You can create jump tags, which direct the viewers to a specific website, for example out Facebook page, or which lead them from one location to another within the tour. This function will be available after you sign in with our personal data. After signing in and clicking on the cogwheel, the annotations function will be available, and with the "new annotation" option you can already add our annotations to our tour. You can place the tag of the annotation anywhere, and by clicking on it, we can edit its content. 

As content you can place pictures, texts, links of YouTube videos, or other links which direct the viewer to additional information. The created content can be edited anytime. Keep in mind that the annotations can be only seen after saving it. 

When editing the content, it is possible to create jump links (see the "jump to link" option). which lead the viewers to another page, when they can find more information. In this case, after clicking on the tag, we have to choose the "jump to link" option in the "content" menu. 

Similarly to the tours, the annotations can be shared with links, too. For this, the only thing you have to do is clicking on the tag, copy the link, then paste it where you want. After this, when you open the link, the annotations will show up after the tour itself is loaded.

You can create internal links in the annotations, which navigate you from one point to another within the property; for example, this way you can move from the ground floor upstairs, and vica versa. This can be done with any type of links, no matter if you choose the "jump to link" option or place a link within the annotations.

You can create invisible annotations, which you create for ourselves like we are taking notes, so you can record useful information for ourselves (like the prices of certain furniture, etc). If you don't want others to see an annotation, click on the little eye icon to change its visibility. These annotations won't become visible with confidential links: they are only accessible for us, after you sign in with your own data.

A useful option is editing the annotation icons. You can find it on upper left part of the annotation editing screen. You can choose the icon itself, its colour and saturation. With the ABC icon, you can genter 3 optional letters. This is a really useful and eye-catching solution to differentiate the annotations from each other. 

In the drop-down menu on the right side, you can find all the annotations of the given tour. If you click on any of them, the screen turns on it automatically, and its contents open. It makes it easier to find the annotations in the upper right corner of preview photos in the lower menu you can see the number of annotations placed in the specific location.