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The tour takes on the language of the browser automatically. It contains nine languages, so even those who does not speak Hungarian can understand it and work it out. This is mainly in favour of viewers from abroad, and also of the seller of the property. 




Adertising properties for people from abroad

A couple from Germany - whose child continued to study in higher education in Hungary - found the suitable flat with the help of Ingatlanséta. The tour was so authentic and realistic that they did not require a personal meeting; they saw the property for the first time during the closing process, when they bought the flat. This story actually took place in Szeged; the realtor was very surprised when they told him that if the property really looks like the way it looks in the tour, they want the sales contract to be ready for the first showing, because they would pay for the property on the spot. 

There is no doubt that multilingual tours can help such success stories to born. For a German person in the Google position, a German language tour will preceed the Hungarian one. If we deal with real estate agencies abroad, they will be grateful for our efforts to make the tours avalaible for their clients in their own language. This largely make contact making easier between the owner and the buyer prospect. It is also clear that people from abroad trust the person who can communicate with them indirectly, using their mother tongue.   

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 The property  tour is available in nine languages and it adapts to the language of the browser.

If the browser's language is different from these, then the tour will be available in English. The automatic language selector can be made manual; in this case, the tour will always load in the one specific language which is set, apart from the language of the browser.


Advertise abroad

 There are listing websites abroad which are similar to the Hungarian ones, on which we might also advertise free of charge. Hungarian portals are also browsed by people from abroad, so multilingual versions are useful. Don't forget about social networks, community pages. It is enough to type some key words in the searcher, and we can find hunderds of groups and pages dealing with properties. (For example: berlin flats, flatshare london...)