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 The ask for permission function motivates the viewers to contact you, but it excludes those who are just lurking around.



Permissions are useful when you'd like to follow new views, or when we want to know more about the viewer. Although it slows down the viewing processes, it keeps them more transparent. Permissions hold great possibilities, but ut us time-consuming to make contact with everyone. 




You can set two types of persmission: asking for permission by phone and via Facebook automatically. 


Asking for permission by phone

The tour sould be set in one of the restricted modes (preview or hidden view), which can be unlocked with a 4 digit number. This can be set by the advertiser who can also modify it later on when signed in. This unlock is suitable for those who are constantly on the move and mostly accessible vie telephone. In this case after making contact the number should be simply disclosed via phone, and then the tour can be unlocked with it. Of this won't unlock the preset private locations

In the restricted tour, the viewer gets a notification that he/she must call the seller and ask for the access code. During the phone call, contact is made and the access code is told, with which the tour can be unlocked. It is recommended for the sellers to change the code at times. The given codes belong to the user, so if he/she handle more properties at one time, all of those can be opened and modified.

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 The access code of the lock screen can be requested most quickly from the advertiser. 


  • Automatic permission

Besides or instead of asking for the code via phone, you can change the settings the way that the visitor could unlock the tour with his/her personal Facebook profile. This time the system sends a notification to the advertiser about the unlock, and it also sends the link of the Facebook profile of the person who unlocked the tour. The visitor also knows about it, of course, and in this regard he/she asks for the unlock. In this way, it is expectable that the advertiser will contact the viewer for further inquiry and to provide help.

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You get information about the unlocks in the advertiser email.




 Before the unlocks, the tour should be restriceted. This have two ways: Preview mode and Hidden mode.


Preview Mode

    The preview mode, as its name suggets, provides a preview of the property. The tour loads, you can look around, but we cannot move away from the point where we stand without unlock. This type of restriction makes the viewers realize the opportunity and encourages them to ask for permission to be able to move forward.  

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 In preview mode, you can only move from the starting point when you've got the permission.

View a property tour in preview mode


Hidden mode 

  In this mode you don't even have a preview, only a black screen. The drawback of this setting is that it's not sure it will raise the interest as much as the preview mode, so there will be less phone calls about the unlocking. There is a more restricted mode than this one, the offline mode, when the tour cannot be uploaded to the internet, not even in hidden mode.  In this case, the tour can be seen only on  data disks, computers or cellphones. 



In case of a private person, it is determinant what type of person he/she is. Whether he/she likes to communicate or he/she rather lets the tour to do its own business and get to the buyer prospects.

Az In case of real estate agents,  over a certain number of clients and properties, preview mode can be counter-productive. Simply there is no time to handle the viewers one by one. In this case, the property tour fitlers out the viewers and conveys automatically the potential buyers prospects.

It is worth to mention that if the viewers have already seen the property in person as well, there is no point of hide the property anymore. In such case there is no use of keeping the viewer back from decision-making. The viewers can get  a confidential link with time limit, through which they can see the whole property tour for 3 days, the same way as the restrictions used in the advertisements were unlocked. 

It is recommended to send the confidential links to the colleagues working in the team to make them able to unlock the private locations to skip the unnecessary process of asking for permissions.