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It is possible that you want to hide certain places within your tour. You can do it easily after signing in, and you can also reset your settings later.



Private places

If you find that there are certain rooms which you don't want to show publicly in the advertisements, you can hide them from online visitors after signing in. After you finish blocking rooms and places, the blocked spots on the map in the tour fade, and it becomes impossible to get to the restricted places. If you sign in again, then you can set the places back to public again.


blog kepek 0000s 0000 rteg 108

In the visitor view, private places on the floorplan are faded and inactive.

blog kepek 0000s 0001 rteg 107

Private places are inactive in the gallery as well; this is indicated by the crossed eye icon.



After signing in to the tour, the views become unlocked, and in the gallery below in the corners of the pictures we can see the little eyes. By clicking on these, you can block or unblock the spots. After a while, the blcoked rooms become synchronized with the Facebook and YouTube versions, too. Consequently, if you block something, then it won't be visible on Facebook either. 


blog kepek 0000s 0004 rteg 104

After signing in, you can see the little eyes, on wich you can click to block a certain area.


blog kepek 0000s 0002 rteg 106

  Blocked areas appear in red in the editor view.



If confidential links are needed

If you use just one part of the full tour for the advertisements with the blocking method mentioned above, you might want to provide our friends, colleagues, or clients with a full view, while the hidings remain the same way in the advertisements. In this case, confidential links can be used, which disregards the blocks, and which are accessible after signing in.

Important! In case of a "confidential link", the person who has the link can view the tour anytime, so it is recommended to give them only to those who we really want to see it. There is a link with 3 days of expiration, so one can only visit the tour for 3 days. It expires in 3 days after the generation, so the visitor won't be able to enter the complete property, only the tour which is visible in the advertisement as well. 


Don't confuse private places with views that are bound to permission!

Preview function only serves the purpose to make the visitor contact you. Blocked areas cannot be visited with an access code.