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The property is unfinished, but you still want to sell it? Ingatlanséta has the solution. If there's nothing to photograph, there's no problem! Based on a simple floor plan, we create a 3D model for your property. We build up the rooms, we furnish them, and then we create a tour.

A tervekből lemodellezett séta ugyanúgy működik, mint egy hagyományos séta; a különbség annyi, hogy ez egy elképzelt valóságot ábrázol.

Not real estate yet, but would you like to advertise? If you don't have anything to photograph yet, you need to have a visual presentation of the property. Based on a simple floor plan, we create your design. Build the rooms, equip them and turn them into a walk.

With the virtual tours of Ingatlanséta, there is no problem with space and time. If you advertise your property this way, you will get offers from your prospective buyers sooner than expected.

You can request a drone footage if you find your property and its surroundings worthy to be shown from a greater distance.

Among our services we offer videos recorded by drone. When you find that the property and its environment are worthy to be shown from a greater distance, it can be a great opportunity, but you should take some factors into account.

Today, browsing property advertisements we can see that photos still dominate. So, we should start advertising by uploading some good photos. If we manage to catch the searcher’s attention in the list view, then it’s only one step away for him to want to know more about the property. This is the time for the property tour!



A 360 property video is a spherical video in which you can look around in every direction. It presents a part of the property from 2 or 3 viewpoints, providing a preview of it in this way.