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If more people want to advertise a tour, then tour copies - in which only the pictures are identical - are useful. The restrictions, the datasheet, the watermark, the logo, contact details and all the other possibilities will be different. Tour copies are also used by real estate agents and in case of cross-selling.



Property tour copies

The seller creates copies when he/she wants to involve others in the selling. In this case he/she creates a copy for the assigned ones, which can be reached by accessed with passwords provided by the system. This way the copies can work separately, though with limitations. Sellers mostly create copies when they commission one or more agents to sell the property, or when the agents use the tour in cross-selling. In the copies, the assigned can replace with the contact details with their own data, and they can take advantage of the same functions like in case of an own tour. However, one cannot make a copy of a copy. 

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Az eredeti séta melyből a másolatok kiadhatók.


Creating copies

Copies can be created after signing in, in the "sales" menu. To release a new copy, we shall enter the name and email address of the recipient. Both parties get notification about the copy via email. The recipient gets the access data, the link and access code of the tour copy. The inviter does not know the access code, so from this point he/she cannot participate in the editing. However, he/she can disable the access if he/she wants. 

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Creating and handling tour copies in the "sales" menü.

Restriction of copies

The access to the released copies can be susbended and removed, if we would like to. 

Copies are independent from each other

 The point is that the tours do not refer to each other, and we cannot enter from one to another. Everything is different, only the pictures are the same. Links, sharing, private locations, the datasheet, contacts; everything is different. Consequently, if someone advertises with a copy, he/she can make sure that he/she has a fully functional tour, and that all contact details in the tour copy will lead to him/her.  

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 Open this copy

The advertiser uses preview function, and his datasheet is different as well. Access code: 2018



Open this copy

Three external locations are made private, there is a watermark, and the datasheet is different, too.

Examples for use

For example, if an owner works together with multiple agents, one copy can be granted to each of them for advertising, while he/she possesses the original tour. Each copy can be edited separately with the access information that were sent out. If the sales contract expires, the copy can be removed. 

Another example is when the agents co-operate, but they advertise separately. This can be within one company, but it there can be co-operation outside of a company as well. Discretion and security are provided for cross-sellings.