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All restrictions of the tour can be unlocked with these special links, which can be also shared either with 3 days expiration time, or you can remove them whenever we want. The links can be shared with real estate agents and prospective buyers.

Confidential links

You will need links which won't affect public advertising views, when you would like to share the tour with someone without any restrictions. This confidential person can be a colleague, a family member, a friend, a supporter or a prospective buyer who might have already seen the property, with its hidden places as well. 





( in this example, you can see that private places cannot be visited )




( with the help of confendtial links, private rooms and places can be visited as well )


These confidential links can be created by the seller after signing in, and they can also be removed by him or her.


Until removal

Only one confidential link exists at one time. This link can be shared by the seller by his/her confidentials and helpers. Make sure it  does not get to unwanted people.  However, if it happens, the link can be changed. The new link must be sent to your confidentials agains, since the previous one stops working. The confidential link only allows for  view without restrictions (private/restricted rooms and places, permissions, blurs), but does not allow for advertising. If more people want to advertise a tour, like real estate agents, owners, co-workers in cross-selling), then tour copies can be used. 

You can easily create and remove confidential links to virtual property tours, and you can also set an expiration time of three days.

With 3 days of expiration

 More links can be created with time limit; these links expire after 3 days. These can be sent to those prospective buyers who have already seen the property, but they still have to make up their minds. In this case, if they cannot make a decision in 3 days, they need to contact the seller again and ask for another 3-day link in order to see the complete tour.

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