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It is possible to archive our tour and save it to a data carrier, which does not require internet access. People mostly ask for this solution when they woud like to keep their tour for themselves for the future, or when stable internet connection is not guaranteed. 


Use without internet


You can view the property tours from anywhere, anytime, no matter if you use a phone on a bus, a tablet in a café, or a PC at home.  Supported operating systems: Windows XP and later, Android and IOS.

 But what happens when there's no stable internet connection, or it is no longer necessary for us to make the property available online? Then it is worthy to make the tour archived, and then you can store it and rewatch in on your phone or computer. 


The tours can be archived and saved so they can be used without internet access, too.

 The tours haned over written on CD, or in downloadable form.


The archived version can be requested when you buy the tour, or later, too, until it is available for us. Its price can be seen on the order page where you can find details about each item.