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Besides the ones you've got to your property tour, you can make your own custom photos, according to your own taste. This feature is available after signing in. 





Taking custom photos

You can take photos within your property tour easily. Its advantage is that you can modify its angle, direction, and width of the image you can see. If a setting is not perfect enough, then change it! Is there a detail that you wouldn't like to show for the time being? Let's change it and take a new picture within the tour by yourself!

You can take your pictures within the tour according to customizable settings. You can set the view and the aspect ratio.

Normal view - With 16:9 aspect ratio

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Wider view - with "lock" turned off

Add logos and download

After the picture is taken by clicking on the capture button below, you can add a logo to the picture and set its download size. If you save the settings, they will be applied to all pictures you take. 

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You can add logos and watermarks to the pictures.


The pretaken gallery can be accessed by clicking on the gallery icon above. These pictures are ready, you only have to choose the most suitable ones and we can upload them to the advertisement.