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You  can add watermarks by adding a text and making it active after signing in. Watermarks protect the tour from unwanted screen capturing. If you want to take pictures of your tour, you can use the "pictures" function, which also can be accessed after signing in. 





 Tours are protected from copying, but it is possible to take screenshots of them which can be used afterwards. Altough screen capturing is not allowed and it might have legal consequences, the use of screenshots can be prevented with the use of watermarks. Basically, against unwarranted use you can burn in the logo into the tour with filling in the datasheet in the upper right coerner, but you can use watermarks on the whole surface, if you want to.

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 The " Okos Eladó " text watermark can be seen on the entire surface of the tour.

You can view a tour with watermark here



After you sign in, you can add a watermark by entering the "protection" menu under the cogwheel, entering a text and activating it. To remove the watermark, simply delete the text and save it. The watermark can be seen after reload. When you are signed in, the watermark disappears. 

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 After signing in: cogwheel below > Protection > Watermark field > enter the text of the watermark


View without watermarks

If the watermark is set, then it can be only removed when you are signed in. Removing is useful when you show the property tour on a computer or a phone, when watermarks can be disturbing. In such cases, watermarks have no function. Watermarks in case of tour copies can be set or removed one by one. In case of confidential links, however, watermarks stay the same way, just like the logo in the datasheet