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VR - standing for Virtual Reality - is becoming more and more popular, not only among gamers. More powerful smartphones can handle double-screen mode which offers a realistic experience. 





A smartphone can function as a VR headset, if hat has a gyroscope sensor, which can sense the head movements. It also needs a VR smartphone headset, which we can put it on, an then we get a realistic experience and sensation of the space through the lenses. The headsets are very different. We can find everything from 1 dollar paper modells to more expensive plastic ones. The headsets of the most prestigious brands work without phones, connected to a computer. Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are perfect examples.

vr board


The experience is complete, though it is recommended to hold on to something, especially if we are standind to try how it feels like when you are "walking" in a property. You can move forward within the property by looking at the arrows. You only have to look at the arrows for some moments, and then you can move from one point to another. 

blog kepek 0014s 0004 rteg 97

You can enter VR mode be clicking on the cogwheel, then on the VR headset icon.

blog kepek 0014s 0003 rteg 98

On your smartphone you can open the tour with the QR code, or you can enter the link which appears in the broweser after we click on the VR mode button.

blog kepek 0014s 0002 rteg 99

The screen in split mode. You have to keep the point in the middle on the arrow for a short time to be able to move on.

blog kepek 0014s 0001 rteg 100

 Look down to see the map view!

blog kepek 0014s 0000 rteg 123

The gallery can also be brought up for your aid.



qr vr r1820787

(link for VR mode which can be opened with a QR scanner app )


Have fun with the tours!

On smartphones, tours work best with Firefox beta or nightly versions, since these engines incorporate a much better developed solution. You can feel the difference while moving the images.