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Among our services we offer videos recorded by drone. When you find that the property and its environment are worthy to be shown from a greater distance, it can be a great opportunity, but you should take some factors into account.




 When are drone videos useful? 

A drone can fly round a property, if we would like to show it from a greater distance. It mostly useful in the country in case of stables, villas, pensions, and farms, especially when a land belongs to them, with woods, or fish ponds, for example. Making drone videos is for outdoor places exclusively, because the use of a drone within a flat is considerably problematic and pointless. It does not make sense in the city either, since there's nothing special outside the property which is worth to be shown, not to mention the fact that the use of airspace and drones have quite complex regulations.

It is also important to mention that drone footages do not replace either to tour or the photos. They represent completely different functions, and a drone cannot be use within a property. This is kind of a miscellaneous option (during the order we can find it among miscellaneous services - 'kiegészítők'), which can be used in the cases mentioned above. As an end product, we get a professionally cut video clip, as the example above shows.  

You can request a drone footage if you find your property and its surroundings worthy to be shown from a greater distance. 

Valid legal regulations and restrictions

Flying a drone is not as an easy matter as we might think, since it is under serious legal regulations. First of all, we need to request a permission to airspace use. After getting the permission, we still need to be aware of certain factors. Before the flight, we have to "activate" the airspace, and after the flight, we shall cancel it. During recording, if you've got a neighbour, you shouldn't look over his/her garden, because it might have legal consequences later on. You must have respect for the regulations, because if you don't do so, the person who uses the drone, or the buyer must take responsibility, with regard to all possible consequences. During preparation,  it is recommended to consider the lie of the land and possible obstacles - from which we want to protect the drone - or the weather conditions. Although the latter one, of course, mostly does not depend on us, but rain can be a disadvantageous factor when it comes to flying a drone. In case the airspace is reserved for a given period, but it rains, the cost of the droning and call-out fee must be paid. 

To sum up, there are several factors which can make the making of drone footages difficult, but if our property really possesses surroundings which are worth to be shown, then it is worthy to make use of this service.


How can you buy it ?

 In case you would like drone footages, go to the order menu, click on the items, then on the "miscellaneous" option under "360 property video". Then you can see the "droone footage" item. 






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