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The datasheet is useful both for the seller and the property. It can be found in the upper right corner of the tour. It is recommended to keep the datasheet updated, so the buyers always can find the seller, no matter who shares our tour.




It is essential to fill in the datasheet. It is most necessary to give our contact details and the main information about the property. If there are more details about it on another site, insert the link into the sheet. Keep in mind that the tour can reach everywhere. Make it possible for the prospective buyer to contact you.

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Editing the datasheet

The datasheet can be edited after signing in and clicking on the cogwheel, then on the datasheet option.

 The datasheet of the tour contains information about the property and the seller as well.


Redirecting from the datasheet

If there's a summary for the property, or a property subpage, then it is recommended to direct the attention towards it, to provide more information about the property. If there's no such page, it is recommended to create one on Facebook in "brand" category. Here, you will be able to follow daily events and communicate with the prospective buyers.  If you advertise, you can post the advertisement's link to provide further information. 

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You can direct the datasheet to a Facebook page which you handle.