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With the virtual tours of Ingatlanséta, there is no problem with space and time. If you advertise your property this way, you will get offers from your prospective buyers sooner than expected.


 What are the features of the property tours of Ingatlanséta?

Currently, there is no more effective way of getting to know a property. Compared to photos, in Ingatlanséta it is much more easier for the buyer prospects to learn their way around a property. 99% of the buyers’ decisions are not made on the site during the home showings, but, but they are made at home in a comfortable environment, along with the family. The tour provides security in the buyer’s decision, as opposed to other methods.

Ingatlanséta will be the best solution for those to whom it matters how much energy is needed for the selling of the property.



Let's try it! 

Let’s see at first hand how the seller’s property tour works. Open the tour which can be found either next to the advertisement on Facebook, or here below. The seller can share this link with anyone, embed it into other websites and send it to the buyer prospects.




This link above is a link through which the property tour is accessible. Of course it can appear in several ways, since it is constantly changing while we are looking round in the tour. It can be attached to emails very easily, too.





We can click on the photo and drag it all the way around in every direction. You can move forward by clicking on the arrows. In full view more functions are available.



The tour makes the visitors feel like they are personally present in the property. They can walk around every corner of the chosen house or flat, even after a tiring day. What is easy for the searcher, is better for the seller.


Get your tour of your property made! Also, you don’t have to give up traditional photos, because you get them for free in one pack with your property tour. If you do so, you only have to care about the advertisements and receiving visitors.  







jofogas ingatlanseta5


Of course, we don’t have to stop here, if we don’t want to. Assign a professional agent, create a Facebook page for our property, or simply share the property with our friends and acquaintances. Once our property has a property tour, our possibilities are unlimited. From this point, we don’t have to just sit in a room and wait for good luck. We can make “luck” come to us.





It’s visual. Just like most people; that’s why we rather like to talk in images (figurative language).

Borderless. It is possible to get to know the property from everywhere, even from abroad.

Effortless to use. It can be watched anytime during the day, arranging appointment with the client is not needed.

Insertable. It can be used on any real estate websites, so we don’t have to give up efficient advertisements.

Respectful for traditions. It can be used in traditional, printed newspapers by adding a short link to the text field.

Team player. It can be used individually, or together with a real estate agent.

Original. Several functions, which can be set online, support selling/letting.

Unforgettable.  It is easy to visit again, so we can even draw our family into decision-making.

Remarkable. We can save panorama photos from it, with which your advertisement will stand out of the ordinary ones.

Selective. It filters out unserious buyer prospects; only the serious ones will contact you.

Safe. Thanks to its protection function, only those will see it who really count.

Ordered. The buyer prospect will always see a tidy property in the property tour.

Sunny. The parts of the day and the insolation can be aligned with the position and insolation of the property.

Transparency. There is no surprise or disappointment: the property tour shows every detail.

Efficient. More buyer prospects, immediate communication, faster agreements.

Discrete. You can hide any viewpoints which you don’t want to be seen.

Nostalgic. If you want it, we can send you your property tour, so it can be a nostalgic experience.

Economical. If we consider its costs, it’s definitely money-saving. It also saves us from many other things.

Supportive. Our well-documented help center supports you with the most up-to-date tools.

Environmentally friendly. Our Earth will be thankful for the amount of unused gasoline and gas oil.

Time-saving. The buyer can take advantage of the time that was spared.

Modern. You can also look around in properties using a VR headset, which brings virtual reality closer.



 The features of Ingatlanséta are incredible!


Ingatlanséta does not only stand out of any other solutions because of its price and quality, but also because of the fact that it contains such special functions, which were exactly developed for real estate selling. Let’s see only some of them:


  • Preview function: the preview function motivates the visitors to contact you via your property tour. It provides the visitors with a preview of the property, but to explore it completely, they should wait for the seller.

  • Hidden mode: It can happen that you want to hide your tour completely. This can occur when the owner does not even want to upload photos to the internet. In this case, a special private view can be used, in which not even a single preview photo appears publicly without entering the password, this way it excludes unwanted visitors.

  • Private rooms and places: It can be also possible that you want to hide a certain image of your property in your tour. To do so, the only think you have to do is to hide the not-so-public places.


Do you want to know how your tour will help selling your property? 

Order it now and your property will be seen by more people than it would ever happen in case of real life showings. Make the best out of your home, digitalise it, advertise it, attach your property tour, and the searchers will be grateful for the professional service. If you do so, it is possible that potential buyer prospects will make a bid before the personal meeting. If you like this idea, order your tour now and enjoy its benefits. Your tour will help your selling 4 days after the photo shooting.  




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