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Advertise with Ingatlanséta on Hungary's most popular advertising site, Jófogás. The tours appear next to the advertisements. The process is easy. Just upload the photos you got with the tour, enter the text of the advertisement, then, in the Ingatlanséta field, enter the tour link.

  On Ingatlanbazár, you can use property tours both in xml and in individually uploaded advertisements. The property tour links get next to the advertisements automatically, with a button. 

Show properties online. Quality advertisements with photos, videos, floor plans, 3D virtual property tours.


Otthontérkép has been present on the national property searcher market since autumn 2013, and since then it has become the number one property searcher portal which includes a map. There are 800.000 visitors per month, who visit 5.000.000. sites altohether. 56% of the visitors are potential buyers with high income.