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The tours can be effectively synchronized with your own advertising pages, with listing or provider sub-sale websites. The tour provides xml and api code support from downloading and uploading to complete automatization. 



 The tours can be embedded into websited in the old way in iframe and with the new html5 embedding tool the way that the tour can appear and come alive within the website. You can find the embedding code below, by clicking on the share button (three dots in an angle bracket), in the share menu. 

blog kepek 0013s 0001 rteg 8

With html5 embedding you can do several spectacular tricks.


blog kepek 0013s 0000 rteg 9

You can check your embedding by clicking on the "test" button.

Embedding is usually not used independently, but is connected to photo gallery. In this case, a tour-opening link is placed above the picture which is opened in the gallery, which opens the given location in the tour. Practilly, we need to create links for each photo, and by clicking on them we can open the tour in a lightbox. With this, you can even mask the original link, and the tour won't direct the viewer from the site either. We only recommend the new page method in case of mobile phones, since the lightbox would narrow down the range of view. 


Example for a lightbox embedding on a listing site.



  • The link copied from the address bar can be embedded into a website. In this case, only the jump link appears, either in itself, or inserted under a text. 


The same link under a text, opened on a new page: Open property tour

  • These links can be opened on new page, or embedded into a lightbox. 

Links with pictures 

You can take pictures within the tour yourself, but you can choose from the pretaken ones as well. Upload a picture to the website, and attach a link to it. You can place it below the picture in itself, or in a text. This way, the a picture always represent the given view in the tour. 


r1820787konyha 10-18.6090.00110.00

Link under a panorama photo


r1820787konyha 10-418.090100

link under a  top-view  photo

r1820787szoba 20-112.905.70100.00

link under a snapshot


link under a floorplan

qr r1820787

qr code which can be scanned with your phone


Different types of transfers ensure the circulation of photos and tours between the websites. Their goal is to make it sure that we have to upload a photo or a tour to a website only once, whether it is a personal or a listing website, and other sites will be synchronized with this one via api or xml connection. 

  • For advertising portals XML/API
  • For advertisement sharing portals XML/API
  • For cross-selling between real estate agencies XML/API



Within a webpage you can place connecting apis, which, combined with data of the page, help the users and the functioning of the site. For example, on a realtor site, next to the datasheet of a certain property, an offer for creating a tour can immediately appear. It is possible to order the tour through it by just one click, then the completed tour will be automatically loaded back to the page of the property. The system provides information about the whole process until the completion of the transfer of photos, videos, and the tour. You can ask request the developmental document about this from our customer service.

  • Making an offer (API)
  • Purchase - following the process - loading back  (API)