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 The navigation of Ingatlanséta is intuitive - so it makes smooth navigation possible -, which follows a reversed view: "Use it first, read it afterwards!" No one likes to read long instruction manuals. You don't have to do it here either. Navigation is easy and handy. If we still need help, then watching a tutorial video can be useful.

Intuitive navigation



  When you enter a tour, the first thing you notice is that the actual location is faded by a grey veil, on which multiple labels indicate the use of the function keys. This veil can be turned off by pressing any key, so the tour becomes visible in its complete form.

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We can move with our mouse, or, in case of a touch screen, with our fingers, moving it in the direction which we want to see. With the help on the arrows on the screen we can change our position.

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 Floor plans

In the upper left corner you can find the property's floor plan, and above in the middle you can find the floor selector. You can also change your position by navigating on the floor plan. On the map you can check the rooms and places you've already been to. This is shown by a white circle with a check mark in it. The floor plans can be downloaded from the tour and you can attach them to the advertisements. 

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You can swtich between rooms and places by clicking on the flying arrows, or with the page turning arrows on the two sides of the screen. With the flying arrows which appear in front of us we can move forward, while with the page turning arrows you can view the locations in a specific order.

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 Clicking on the picture below you can get into the room which is on the photo. By approaching the lower side of the photo, or clicking on the four little squares, the ribbon with the gallery photos opens up. The photos can be ordered into location groups to make navigation easier.

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Ribbon menu

You can find the cogwheel icon which brings up the ribbon menu in the lower part of the screen. In the ribbon menu, on the left side of the lock you can find the public functions, on its right side, you can find the private ones which can be used after signing in. You can sign in by clicking on the lock. In addition, you can find a share button, and in the upper right corner, there is the datasheet of the property.

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