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A 360 property video is a spherical video in which you can look around in every direction. It presents a part of the property from 2 or 3 viewpoints, providing a preview of it in this way.



360 property videos on YouTube 

360 video making is a new genre of video creation. 360 videos allow us to look in every direction, while the actions take place in the video. If we regard content making, it is the keystone of VR headsets. Mainly sport, action and experience videos are recorded this way, which are becoming more and more popular on video-sharing websites. It is also useful for properties, when it is possible to attach youtube videos to the advertisement.




You can look around in every direction within the video by clicking on the screen and dragging it with the mouse. 


360 property videos on Facebook 

facebook video

 Open 360 video on Facebook


360 videos are more interactive than photos. In the video, the maker of the video determines the actions which follow each other, so we can only move forward or backward in time. Although we can look around in every direction freely, we cannot really navigate the way we want. The video is playing on a predetermined track. The arrows and the floor plan which would help the navigation are missing. What is more, videos are require wider bandwidth than photos and tours, so they do not favor cellphone users. It can be also problematic if we want to find a specific place. It can be useful as an extra service to the property tour, because of the video format itself. Sometimes advertising websites allow us to attach videos to our advertisement. In this case we can insert the YouTube link of the video into the advertisement. Although the video shows only a part of the whole property, it can be a good introduction to the property tour.  


If you would like to have a video to your tour, you can buy it here, if you chose Pack C.


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