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All editable functions and all settings become available after signing in. The owner of the tour has the right to sign in, which is provided in email when we hand over the tour. 



Signing in

 You can sign in after the opening the tour, clicking on the cogwheel icon on the lower part of the screen. Only the one who can sign in is entitled to edit the tour. The information for signing in can be found in the email when the tour is handed over. Type the name and password, thenk click on "Sign in".

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cogwheel > lock > sign in

Several features are available after signing in

.After signing in, the menu of the tour comes up, in which you can click on the lock to access the login screen. By signing in, the functions on the right side of the lock which were inactive become active. With the help of the functions, you can customize the settings and type in the necessary information about the property. 

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cogwheel > lock > sign in > cogwheel > extra functions


 Available after signing in: