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Virtual Property Tours


Opinions and evaluations



I like my tour very much, because it made everything much easier for me. Photo shooting was very quick.  I uploaded my advertisement to some sites, I attached the tour, and everything went smoothly. It was a surprisingly good feeling that people asked me immediately about the price, current expenses, neighbours, etc. All potential buyers found us almost at the same time, and because we didn't have to wait for the showing, we could choose from the offers ourselves. It is unbelievable, but we hear a lto about how much they took off. We sent the property almost at the lsiting price. It wasn't difficult, if I think it over. 

Zoltán Lipták, Szombathely















As a real estate agent I find it important ti help my clients in everything. My reputation has grown since I started to work with virtual property tours, which led me to more and more exclusive agreements. In return, what I can give to my clients is the security provided by the tour. 

Szabó Ilona , Budapest


I'm always in lack of time. i work at more places at the same time and family also takes a lot of time from me. I am tired of constant hurrying and being ready everytime an estate agent wants to show me the "coolest" home. Properties with virtual tours are very helpful. We make every decision together with the family. Of course it's not easy to decide and    we don't get to decision-making at the same time. The tour provided security for us when we decided to make an offer. We were suprised as well how clear-cut our choice was.

Ágnes Mezey, Budapest


Process of creating a property tour


Work on the spot


  • 3dseta


      Order »

    The first step is to send the order. You can get to the ordering page by click on the "prices" button below. Pack B is the most popular pack, which includes the tour and the photos, too. In order to buy, choose the type of the property, enter the square metres, the location and the contact details, then you can send the order. After sending the order, you will get a confirmation email, by which the process of organization begins.

  • elokeszites



    It is recommended to prepare our home like we are welcoming visitiors. We send you some suggestions of what you have to be aware of. You won't need a huge cleaning, but it is recommended to make your home organized. The orderliness of the property owner tells a lot about the property itself. No what what is the property's type or condition, we can make it more beautiful for the photo shooting with a little bit of care. If you don't know what to do with something, for example, a bigger object, you don't need to be worried. The photo shooting takes place room by room, , so if something doesn't fit  in a certain room, we can simply take it to another. The photographer will remind you of everything.

  • erkezes

    Arrival and timespan


    After you preparred the property for the photo shooting, it can begin smoothly. A photographer usually deals with from 8 to 10 properties a day, so a delayed start might occur. He/she can arrive 30 minutes earlier or later than what has been arranged, since he/she can't know what challenges he/she may face in the preceding properties. The time of the photo shooting in case of a 100 m2 property can be 30 minutes. Make sure you have a helping hand if the photographer recommends you to make some changes.

  • fotozas



    The photographer walks every room with his/her camera and take the photos. These can be checked before they are published, and certain photos can be hidden, if you want it. An ordinary, 100 m2 property is photographed from 20-30 viewpoints. Egy átlagos 100 m2-es ingatlanból 20-30 nézőpont készül. We blur personal objects (portrait, photos, licence plates) automatically, but  if something is not obvious that it should be hidden, but you want to blur it, please remind the photographer or send us an email. Viewpoints are created from the garden and the street as well. If a garage belongs to the property, please remind the photographer about it. Trust the photographer's ideas and help his/her work for the sake of the property and yourself.

  • bucsu

    Floor plans and paying


    In the property tour, floor plans help orientation. We create floor plans during making the tour, based on the photos. These have no accurate sizes, they are only proportional, si if you have floor plans or a final construction drawing, please have them at hand so the photographer can take photos of them. The invoice and the order form are given to you this time, too. Please have the exact amount of money, since the photographer cannot be always ready to change money. Information about the property and a guiding price will be needed. 

  • atadas



    The tour gets made in 4 days after the photoshooting, and it is sent via email for use. The day of the photoshooting is day zero, so you can count the days from that point. The link is available until the property gets sold, 2 years maximum. In the eimail, you will get furthert advices for the advertisements and means of use of the tour. In case you follow us in Facebook, we will constantly inform you about the developments, which you can make use of in your tour later, free of charge.

  • minosegellenorzes

    Quality control


    We are welcoming remarks for 5 days after the handover, so we can apply changes and make some corrections. These can be: blurs, errors in the floor plans, joints, or problems with the arrows.  Kitakarások, illeszkedési hibák, színhelyesség, kapcsolódó helyiségek, alaprajzi hibák, nyíl hibák. The list of errors and shortcomings can be sent to us via a special error report. We apply modifications in 3 business days. We do our best to do an errorless job, but if certain errors occur, we correct them quickly. 

  • tobb ingatlan

    Do you handle more properties?


    If you have more properties, or you are a real estate agent, ask for our special offer. We offer special accreditation programmes to professionals of property selling, which help to comprehend and acquire the effective use of property tours, and it offers discounts in several areas. Ask for information for free and start to look at the property market in a new way with your agency.  Do you went to sell more why your clients are super staisfied? Ask for advice! 10 years ago, our staff developed the property tour system together with agents, which can be at your service. Give it a try and ask for a discount trial pack!



Features of the

property tour



Tour copies

If more people want to advertise a tour, then tour copies - in which only the pictures are identical - are useful. The restrictions, the datasheet, the watermark, the logo, contact details and all the other possibilities will be different. Tour copies are also used by real estate agents and in case of cross-selling.

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Parts of the property tour 

Ingatlanséta property tour is a complex sales-supportiing tool, which is capable of much more than ordinary virtual tours. Properties can be sold by it under secure conditions, in a customized, fast and comfortable way. 

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Answering visitors 

 Apart from contacting the viewers via email or by phone calls, we can choose instant messaging, and there is a live video call option through which we can show the property online.

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Virtual Reality 

 VR mode is created for VR headsets, with which we can walk in the property by moving our heasd, which provides an immersive and realistic experience. 

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Facebook - Youtube

 We publish the tours in 360 photo and video format which is supported by Facebook and YouTube as well. Thus those who want to appear on social media platforms too, can use their virtual tour advertisements as viral marketing tools.

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Embedding into websites

The tours can be effectively harmonized with our own advertising pages, with listing or porivder sub-sale websites. The tour provides xml and api code support fromdownloading and uploading to complete automatization. 

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Confidential links
Offline mode
Public view
Private places
Tour copies
Parts of the property tour
Contacting visitors
VR mode

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With these settings you can restrict the full view of the tour. The block can be applied to a certain room, but even to a whole property. An access code and / or Facebook account is needed to unlock the restrictions. 

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We automatoically blur family portraits, lincence plates, house numbers. The tour itself is protected, it cannot be copied. Screen capturing can be avoided with the help of watermarks set be the advertiser. 

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All restrictions of the tour can be unlocked with these special links, which can be also shared either with 3 days expiration time, or we can withdraw them whenever we want. The links can be shared with the agents and the buyer prospects. 

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Offline mode 

It is possible to archive our tour and save it to a data carrier, which does not require internet access. People mostly ask for this solution when they woud like to keep their tour as a souvenir, or when stable internet connection is not guaranteed. 

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Public view

The tour is handed over publicly, without any restrictions. In most cases it stays so, so it can provide the possibly most extensive information. However, if we would like to regulate the views, we can do it as well. 

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Private places

It is possible that you want to hide certain places within your tour. You can do it easily after signing in, and you can also set it back later. 

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Advertise with property tours without limits!


We create the virtual property tour, the photos and the videos of your property. From this point, advertising your property is easy. Chose a custom method or ask for professional help from a real estate agent. The tour helps to make the selling procedures fast, no matter which solution you choose. 

Choose a professional local agent if you can!

Many people don't understand in what way the agent could help. Seemingly the agent does the same as the seller: he/she advertises the property and waits for the buyer to come. A good agent's work is nothing like that. The agent is the one who can harmonize the needs of the two parties. Both the buyer and the seller have different needs, so they will never be honest to each other. There is always a little hidden detail which, after its revelation, can help to make a compromise for the sake of a common agreement and success.  The question is not whether we make the right choice if we choose a real estate agent, but whether we can find the right one. The property tour can be a good filter during searching. One who hasn't even heard about in the past 10 years possible have less insight into his/her own profession compared to others. Many agencies include tours in their services in case of their exclusive contracts. Find a real professional for your property!

Support your advertisement with a property tour!

You can achieve property selling successes yourself, if you want to be in charge for the selling process. It is recommended to check free and paid advertising sites as well. Althoguh free sites might be appealing, they may dissapoint you.  Highlighting advertisements doesn't cost a lot, but they have the advantage that many people visit them, since a part of the paid money is put back into the  advertisements. In this way they lead more visitors to their sites, and indirectly, to your site as well. In the advertisements, emphasise that a property tours belongs to the property! Tell a few things about it to catch the visitor's attention. If it is possible, insert a link either in the description, or a field created for this purpose, and upload panorama photos which make the property standing out from the list of results. Besides advertising portals, Facebook can be useful as well.

If there's nothing to photograph, modeling is the solution!

Models are available in the property tours! We only need floorplans to make them!

Building lot
Visual design tour
Interior modeling
Turnkey property
Structurally complete
Implemen- tation

Building lot

The location of the lot is one of the most important factors in case of a construction project. Thos who know this ask us to make a property tour not only of the inner belt area of the lot, but of its environment. We don't look at lots like they were simply lands. Buyers compete to buy a good lot. Present your advertisement with a tour to the buyer prospects!

Visual design tour

Financing a construction project and the way it pays off depends on perpetual sellings. Sellings should begin as soon as possible, so risks becomes minimized. With the help of property tours, advertisements will be much more effective from the very beginning. From the floor plans we create a model and a visual design, and out of those we make a tour and photos.

Interior modelling

It is very often a difficult job to make the customers imagine the way they can make use of the interior space, based on plans only. In this case, fusing reality and imagination can help. We can make the rooms empty and furnished just by one click, even in more interior styles. This helps turning on the buyer's fantasy, and spaces and distances become perceivable. Help your customers to imagine what could their lives be in such a beautiful place!

Turnkey property

In this phase, the sheathing is ready, so it is possible to move in. However, advertising is provlematic. An empty property with white walls does not show anything. What is more, some meaningless photo next to the floor plans can make the situation even weorse. This is why we can't so many photos in case of new properties, only modells and design plans, even if a tour was made. Modells mainly exterior images, which don't tell anything about the inner division of the property, compared to the property tour. In thic case, get a tour made which is already far more we can do. If we want to make the best out of it, some design plans with furniture will be definitely useful.  

Structurally complete property

A number of properties advertised for sale in a structurally complete state. People need their imagination the most here. It is difficult for many people who are visual types to imagine what can be made out of an empty property, from which even sheathing is missing. Combine the photos with a design okan tour and surprise the visitors! Flat types furnished with multiple styles can always be effecient when it comes to property selling.


Creating virtual property tours while the property is under construction might seem useless, but more and more people realize that it is not. Firstly, the tour proves that the building is being built professionally, with well-built joints of brick styles, undamaged walls, without hanging cables, etc. It is important for the new owner, who pays for the quality. Secondly, tours are tools for investors and prime contractors for proving and accounting. In many cases, millions of forints are saved in an argumentation in which we can prove ourselves. Those who document the construction with the help of a property tour, are won't be discredited. Finally, for the owner-operator, it is a crucial and valuable thing to know the structures before the sheathing.


Frequently asked questions

From owners

+How long does the work on the spot take?

Considering the sizes, we mostly calculate half an hour per 100 m2.This time should be enough in case of an orderly property. If the photos finds that some changes in the setting might be needed, it might take more time.

+Is it possible to retouch personal objects?

We don’t retouch personal objects, but we can blur them with a special blurring tool called intarsia. By this method, the object won’t be recognizable.

+If the sky is cloudy, does the photo shoot get cancelled?

You don’t have to worry about the weather conditions. The photographer will take it into account. We will apply the suitable special filters to the photos, which can also make them look more sunny.

+My house needs renovation. What will be the point of the property tour in this case?

It will be as useful as if you were advertising a used car. In case of a used property, a tour can be even more useful than in case of a reconstructed or new property, since the buyer has to find out if the property is good enough for him/her to buy it.

About real estate agents

+I handle more properties. Can I get a discount?

We have special offers for real estate agencies and agents. In order to learn more about these packs, please register as an agent on our website.

+Is personal meeting possible?

We have a well-working solution to contact our clients via video conferences. You need nothing to this but a laptop, a personal computer, or a mobile phone.

+Is personal presentation possible?

We organize workshops several times a year. If an agency needs a personal presentation, we provide an opportunity to it free of charge You can request the workshop to the office of the agency, in the time of the regular meeting as well.

+Is online presentation possible?

Agents can register for online interactive presentations. The presentations can be accessed at the given time via the Live channel of Ingatlanséta. Here you can ask questions, which will be answered by the presenter in the live video.

If you can't find something, ask for our help!

Ask us to call you back!

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Regina Szabo



Ask us to call you back!

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Ingatlanséta on Jófogás

Ingatlanséta on Jófogás

Advertise with Ingatlanséta on Hungary's most popular advertising site, Jófogás. The tours appear next to the advertisements. The process is easy. Just upload the photos you got with the tour, enter the text of the advertisement, then, in the Ingatlanséta field, enter the tour link.

Ingatlanséta on Ingatlanbazár

Ingatlanséta on Ingatlanbazár

  On Ingatlanbazár, you can use property tours both in xml and in individually uploaded advertisements. The property tour links get next to the advertisements automatically, with a button. 

Ingatlanséta on Otthonajánló

Ingatlanséta on Otthonajánló

Show properties online. Quality advertisements with photos, videos, floor plans, 3D virtual property tours.



Process of ordering

Process of ordering

The property tour can be purchased online in a few easy steps.

Does the type and condition matter?

Does the type and condition matter?

It is not the type or condition of the property which defines whether it is worth to get a tour, but the intention of selling the property. Used cars are advertised with photos, too, it does not matter what value they represent. 

Opinions and experiences

Opinions and experiences

Ingatlanséta has been used for property sellings for more than ten years. Today, with mobile devices and network bandwidth, tours are present everywhere. They help the work of sellers, buyers, and real estate agents as well. 


Ingatlanséta on Ingatlanforrás

Ingatlanséta on Ingatlanforrás

Ingatlanforrás has been serving real estate agents for more than 20 years. It serves entire networks with a wide variety of solutions. It provides a number of   services from floor plan making to secure cross-selling. 

Ingatlanséta at MIOSZ

Ingatlanséta at MIOSZ

MIOSZ (Magyar Ingatlanközvetítők Országos Szövetsége - "National Assocation of Hungarian Real Estate Agents") is the modern bastion of independent real estate agents. As an independent professional corporation, we held together and support sole tranders and economic corporations which work in the small business sphere. 

Real estate office tours in Google

Real estate office tours in Google

Don't think only about the properties of your clients! By virtual tours, people can get to know your agency's office and services, too. We upload the tour to your website, attach it to Google street view and embedd it into your Facebook page, so people can find it easily.




 r141570csapatunk 7403.44-32.90141.58

 Otthon Centrum in Keszthely


 r1613448iroda 2-98.1417.03100.00

TOP 3 real estate offices in Budapest


Clients can find you, or you can find clients. Even if the latter one is more dominant, you can be sure of one thing. Clients will make sure if they signed contract with the right agency either way. There are web search enginges with which they can find out more about you or your agency. If you make a good impression there, you are halfway to succeed. Build upon a good image, and upload your Google adatasheet, so it will be easier to find you among the search results.  If you have a good and informative datasheet, it will have a good placement in the search result list, even by using only a few simple keywords. Do you want your office to have a good placement in Google's database? Dou you want your office to be visitied in the inside as well besides the street view? Then you will need Webséta (web tour). Webséta is nothing but the version of ingatlanséta which can be attached to Google's street view.

If you are proud of your office and you gladly, don't hesitate!  Make an appointment for a photo shooting, so you can use the tour of your office as soon as possible!