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Ingatlanforrás has been serving real estate agents for more than 20 years. It serves entire networks with a wide variety of solutions. It provides a number of   services from floor plan making to secure cross-selling. 








 This system offers a one-click advertisement transfer for more than 63 advertising sites. The system can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, users only need internet. When it comes to the transfer of the advertisements, the advertisements which have property tours get transferred as well, along with the data. Everyone can benefit from the use of Ingatlanforrás.


You can transfer your tour with Ingatlanforrás, too


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 If you want to make your advertisements more effective, click on the "order" button.

Choose Pack B (this is the default one), enter the property's square metres, its location and fill in the buyer information. After filling in, you can see the price of  making the property tour and the gallery, which depends on the square metres. 



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Dou you have any more questions?

Do you want to show only a part of the property? Are there private places, personal photos or objects? 

No problem. You can make public and hide what you want within your tour.

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Do you handle more properties? Are you a real estate agent or an investor? 

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