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Házbank is a popular advertisement transferer, which transfers the property tour links in the advertisement's description to the receiver advertising portals. Házbank's services are used by real estate agencies which want to save time and money, which they can put back into selling. 




 Házbank does not offer transfer only. Its efficient system is able to handle cross-selling as well. Thus, subscribers can provide more properties at the same time, which were taken on for selling by other agencies in the cross-selling process. Enjoy its benefits, now with Ingatlanséta support! 

A perfect choice for real estate agents. Transfer to nearly 60 advertising sites even in real time! Exclusive advertising discounts.  Free registration. Cross-selling pack. You can sell the properties of Otthon Centrun, GDN, and almost 200 other agencies. Currently, you can cross-sell 9398 properties of 237 agencies. It handles the complete office process, with private list and cold calling functions, personal website, billing and CRM system. 


Use Házbank to transfer the property tour


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  If you want to make your advertisements more effective, click on the "order" button.

Choose Pack B (this is the default one), enter the property's square metres, its location and fill in the buyer information. After filling in, you can see the price of  making the property tour and the gallery, which depends on the square metres.



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No problem. You can make public and hide what you want within your tour.

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