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Tours appear with arrows which follow the cursor of the mouse. When there is no mouse (tablet, mobile phone, in VR mode), then fixed arrows are used.



Floating arrows - Fixed arrows 

When mouse use is allowed, then floating arrows are default. In case of touch screens and VR headsets, they are replaced by fixed arrows.

 blog kepek 0006s 0001 rteg 59

 floating arrows - if you use a mouse


blog kepek 0006s 0002 rteg 61

 fixed arrows - with touch screens and in VR mode


The traditional fixed arrows can be restored if you choose fixed arrow in the settings, after clicking on the cogwheel. This can be useful if you want to check if the transitions with the arrows are correct, or if you simply want to stick to this traditional appearance. In this case, the tour will appear to everyone according the the changes you've made in the settings.

blog kepek 0006s 0003 rteg 60

The new floating arrow is the default setting in each tour.