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It is a property and client registry software and a SEO real estate agent website for agents and agencies. The key to successful real estate agency: more sellings, satisfied clients. Try it for 30 days for free. 







 What does ingatlan-nyilvantarto.hu give you ?

 It is both a real estate agent software and a property selling website.

  • Detailed, still easy-to-use property registry
  • Transfer of advertisements to several national advertising sites
  • Up-to-date client-handling with regard to deadlines.
  • Pairing supply and demand, cross-selling
  • Floor plan making
  • Sales-oriented SEO website
  • Property tour integration


You can transfer the tour with the help of ingatlan nyilvántartó 


The use of property tours in the system


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1. On the photo uploading page choose special property tour offer for this property + click on the button which leads to the overview page

(property tour embedding api)


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2. Summary of the Ingatlanséta service + order button


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3. Sending the order


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4. After sending the tour, the link automatically gets to its place + to the website + to the registry of websites

(property tour embedding api)



If you want to publish a tour on your webpage, used the property tour api for automatism

 If you want to make your advertisements more effective, click on the "order" button.

Choose Pack B (this is the default one), enter the property's square metres, its location and fill in the buyer information. After filling in, you can see the price of  making the property tour and the gallery, which depends on the square metres. 



 megrendeles gomb



Do you have any more questions?

Do you want to show only a part of the property? Are there private places, personal photos or objects? 

No problem. You can make public and hide what you want within your tour.

Click on the contact button and call us!



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Do you handle more properties? Are you a real estate agent or an investor? 

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