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If more people want to advertise a tour, then tour copies - in which only the pictures are identical - are useful. The restrictions, the datasheet, the watermark, the logo, contact details and all the other possibilities will be different. Tour copies are also used by real estate agents and in case of cross-selling.

VR - standing for Virtual Reality - is becoming more and more popular, not only among gamers. More powerful smartphones can handle double-screen mode which offers a realistic experience. 

On Facebook, you can put your tour into a customized sidebar menu, so it will be visible and it won't get lost among comments and posts. To do this, one has to be an administrator and follow the following steps.

Don't think only about the properties of your clients! By virtual tours, people can get to know your agency's office and services, too. We upload the tour to your website, attach it to Google street view and embedd it into your Facebook page, so people can find it easily.




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 Otthon Centrum in Keszthely


 r1613448iroda 2-98.1417.03100.00

TOP 3 real estate offices in Budapest


Clients can find you, or you can find clients. Even if the latter one is more dominant, you can be sure of one thing. Clients will make sure if they signed contract with the right agency either way. There are web search enginges with which they can find out more about you or your agency. If you make a good impression there, you are halfway to succeed. Build upon a good image, and upload your Google adatasheet, so it will be easier to find you among the search results.  If you have a good and informative datasheet, it will have a good placement in the search result list, even by using only a few simple keywords. Do you want your office to have a good placement in Google's database? Dou you want your office to be visitied in the inside as well besides the street view? Then you will need Webséta (web tour). Webséta is nothing but the version of ingatlanséta which can be attached to Google's street view.

If you are proud of your office and you gladly, don't hesitate!  Make an appointment for a photo shooting, so you can use the tour of your office as soon as possible! 


The tour takes on the language of the browser automatically. It contains nine languages, so even those who does not speak Hungarian can understand it and work it out. This is mainly in favour of viewers from abroad, and also of the seller of the property. 

 The ask for permission function motivates the viewers to contact you, but it excludes those who are just lurking around.

 Besides the speed of making contacts, the efficiency of communication is one of the most crucial aspects to support in a sales process. Ingatlanséta possesses well-developed tools for this.

Among personal objects, fidge magnets are typically blurred in the virtual property tour, since they often portray family photos.

During the making of your property tour, we can blur certain details and you can also place watermarks in it. 

You  can add watermarks by adding a text and making it active after signing in. Watermarks protect the tour from unwanted screen capturing. If you want to take pictures of your tour, you can use the "pictures" function, which also can be accessed after signing in. 

The datasheet of the tour contains information about the property and the seller as well.

The datasheet is useful both for the seller and the property. It can be found in the upper right corner of the tour. It is recommended to keep the datasheet updated, so the buyers always can find the seller, no matter who shares our tour.

All editable functions and all settings become available after signing in. The owner of the tour has the right to sign in, which is provided in email when we hand over the tour. 

It is possible that you want to hide certain places within your tour. You can do it easily after signing in, and you can also reset your settings later.

The property tour can be purchased online in a few easy steps.

Ingatlanséta has been used for property sellings for more than ten years. Today, with mobile devices and network bandwidth, tours are present everywhere. They help the work of sellers, buyers, and real estate agents as well. 

You can take your pictures within the tour according to customizable settings. You can set the view and the aspect ratio.

Besides the ones you've got to your property tour, you can make your own custom photos, according to your own taste. This feature is available after signing in. 

Ingatlanséta property tour is a complex sales-supportiing tool, which is capable of much more than ordinary virtual tours. Properties can be sold under secure conditions, in a customized, fast and comfortable way.