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Home staging is the act of preparing your home for photographing by making it more clear and tidy and by using some decorations. You don't have to do great things: you only have to follow some simple steps to make your property more attractive. 

 Our photographers provides you with recommendations and advices in case of every photographing. Photographing takes place room by room, so you don't have to be scared if you don't know what to do with a bigger object. However, we've got some simple hints how to prepare your home.

Convey the feeling!

In case of home staging, it doesn't matter how we lived in the property: the point is to make it more saleable, to make the best out of it for the buyers. The term "staging" suggests a theatrical act: you basically create a stage for your clients. You provide them a feeling which the comfort of their new home offers.


Make it feel like home!

It is important to make to home's atmosphere independent from people who live there. Put away every personal object, for example family photos; anything that refers to personal hobby and field of interest (religious objects, children's toys, sports equipment). If you manage to make your home neutral and independent from the traces of your own life, the buyer will more likely to imagine himself/herself in it.

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Before and after professional staging: Click HERE to see the complete property tour!

Make your home tidy and clear! This is the main rule of an excellent home staging. Get rid off the mass, so the buyer will be able to see the room's real sizes and functions.  Clear away everything that is unnecessary and that can ruin the image. For example: don't put too much bath & shower products in the bathroom. 2 or 3 towels are enough to create a nice picture. In the living room and the bathroom, you can place some pillow on the beds in a neat way. 

Let's see a counter-example! Here's a messy room:


How does the room look before and after home staging:


Bedroom: before


Bedroom: after

Before and after professional staging: Click HERE to see the complete property tour!


Use accessories!

You have a number of possibilities to make your property feel like home. Place some flowers neatly, put some fresh fruit or baked goods on the kitchen countertop. You can use some houseplants in some corners of your home. Use some desk accessories like candlesticks or potpouries; just don't carry it to extremes! The point is to create a comfortable, cozy atmosphere. 



Effective and successful home stagign helps you to sell your home sooner and at a higher price. For all of this, you don't have to do big things. Still, if you don't have enough time or accessories, and you want to leave it to professionals, Ingatlanséta is at your service with its professional home stager partners. Contact us to get an offer!

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