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MIOSZ (Magyar Ingatlanközvetítők Országos Szövetsége - "National Assocation of Hungarian Real Estate Agents") is the modern bastion of independent real estate agents. As an independent professional corporation, we held together and support sole tranders and economic corporations which work in the small business sphere. 






A few words about MIOSZ

MIOSZ (Magyar Ingatlanközvetítők Országos Szövetsége - "National Assocation of Hungarian Real Estate Agents") was founded on a voluntary basis on 21 December 1999.  Its purpose is to improve and maintain the efficiency and technical and personal standard of the real estate agent profession. Furthermore, it works out practical guidelines and methodsorganizes and coordinates economic, legal and professional trainings, conferences, and represents the members of the association and increases the cooperation of the fellowship.



To us, representation  - which is relatively difficult to define in this profession - means the following:

  • The represented ones (our members, real estate offices and appraisers) get continuous or occasional financial, legal and ethical representation from us, in front of other organziations and people in the profession.  Representation harmonizes professional activity, supports the professional improvement of the members, helps them to improve their services, thus they achieve professional appreciation. It helps them to excercise their rights and stands for their economic interests as well. Increasing the member's incomes and decreasing their expeneses are important factors, too.


Handling tours within the system of MIOSZ



On the datasheet , the property tour offer appeares next to the photo uploading option. If you accept the offer, the order is done. The system informs the customer about the process continuously, including the dates, things to do, the state of the tour, and transfer.



 Tours, photos, Facebook and YouTube shares are automatically displayed by the system next to your datasheet, while you are informed about everything. So whether we are outdoors or in the office, the process won't get slow. You can always rely on it. After the transfer, a the system sends the data to the real estate portals automatically as well.

( used: property tour api )


If you want to publish a tour on your webpage, used the property tour api for automatism 

 If you want to make your advertisements more effective, click on the "order" button.

Choose Pack B (this is the default one), enter the property's square metres, its location and fill in the buyer information. After filling in, you can see the price of  making the property tour and the gallery, which depends on the square metres. 


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Dou you have any more questions?

Do you want to show only a part of the property? Are there private places, personal photos or objects? 

No problem. You can make public and hide what you want within your tour.

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